Directions to KERFEC

Travel times from ferry ports and airports to Kerfec.
Please note, these are actual driving times, without allowing for stopovers.

Ferry ports
•    From Dunkerque: 6.5hrs
•    From Calais: 6hrs
•    From Boulogne: 5.5hrs
•    From Dieppe: 4.75hrs
•    From Le Havre: 4hrs
•    From Caen: 3hrs
•    From Cherbourg: 3.5hrs
•    From St Malo: 2hrs
•    From Roscoff: 2hrs

•    From Dinard: 2.5hrs
•    From Brest: 2hrs
•    From St Brieuc 2hrs
•    From Lorient: 35mins
•    From Rennes: 1h15
•    From Nantes: 1.5hrs

From Rennes: Axe RENNES-LORIENT (Nationale 24).
•    Continue in the direction of LORIENT.
•    Take the GARE DE BAUD exit. You will come to a STOP sign. Turn right at the STOP sign, then the first right, directly after turning - direction: QUISTINIC.
•    Follow the windy road up the hill. You will arrive at a CEDEZ LE PASSAGE. Turn left, direction QUISTINIC. Continue on this road.
•    You will pass the village PONT-AUGAN. Continue on the same road until you arrive in the village QUISTINIC.
•    Once there, keep going straight until you will arrive at a STOP sign, with the church on your left and in front of you the creperie CHEZ NATHALIE. Turn left and follow the sign, which indicates POUL FETAN.
•    Keep following the signs for about 2-3kms. The road is windy; but continue going straight.
•    After a few bends, you will arrive in a small hamlet and there will be a T-intersection and you will see various signs. Amongst them, POUL FETAN and KERFEC. Turn left at this T-intersection.
•    Keep following the signs POUL FETAN and KERFEC. You will pass a round wooden house (which looks like a spaceship!) on your right. If you see the house, it means you're nearly there!!
•    You'll arrive at a small bend, but continue following the signs POUL FETAN and KERFEC. At the end of the hill you will see a village of thatched houses on your right. That's KERFEC...

If you  have a SatNav or TomTom, just type in KERFEC in QUISTINIC (56310) and you should arrive in one piece!